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Topic, Volume, Page Number; (il.) indicates illustration/story/example

Table of Contents, I-5 , II-5 , III-5 , 608 .
Table waiters (see Lord's Supper).
Taoism, I-99-100 .
Teen-Parent Relations II-469-477 (il., II-471 , 473 ).
Teleological Evidence of God, I-15 .
Television, Theater, Video, III-122-133 (il., III-133-134 ).
Temptation to sin, I-281-282 .
Ten Commandments (see Law, God's -Moral).
Thankfulness (see Misery, Deliverance, and Thankfulness Cycle.
Theater (see Television).
Theft (see Stealing).
Theistic Evolution refuted, I-190-192 .
Theology, III-247 , 258 .
Thermodynamics, Second Law of, I-170 .
Thirty-nine Articles, III-261 .
Three Forms of Unity (see Doctrinal Standards, Reformed).
Time, Importance of, (il., III-519 ).
Tithing, III-104-105 (il., III-105-106 ).
Total Depravity (see Depravity, Total).
Traditional Text, I-76 , 79 , 82-84 .
Translation of the Bible, ancient, Septuagint, I-76-77 , 79 ; Vulgate, I-76-77 , 79 ; English versions, American Standard, I-78-80 ; Coverdale, I-78-79 ; English paraphrases, I-81 ; English Revised, I-78-79 ; Geneva, I-78-79 ; King James, I-78-79 , reasons for favoring, I-82-84 ; Living Bible, I-81 ; New English, I-78-79 ; New International, I-78-81 ; Revised Standard, I-78-80 ; Roman Catholic, I-79 ; Tyndale, I-78- 79 ; Wycliffe, I-79 .
Translators of the Bible, qualifications of, I-83 ; KJV translators, I-83 .
Transubstantiation, III-464 .
Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, I-265 .
Tree of Life, I-266 .
Trinity, I-117-128 ; definition of, I-117 ; incomprehensibility of, I-118-119 ; personal properties of each Divine Person, I-123 ; primary works of each Divine Person, I-123-125 ; primary work of each Person in the salvation and justification of sinners, I-125 , II-118 , 261 ; primary work of each Person in sanctification, II-291 ; revealed in the church creeds, I-121-122 ; revealed in the New Testament, I-121 ; revealed in the Old Testament, I-120 .
Trust (see Faith, Saving).

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