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Topic, Volume, Page Number; (il.) indicates illustration/story/example

O Oath (see also Perjury and Profanity); proper swearing, II-443 ; rash swearing, II-440 .
Obedience, of Christ, active obedience, I-334 , II-26-27 , 257 , passive obedience, I-335 , II-26-27 , 257 , results of, II-27 (see also Christ, Jesus -Only Savior, Mediator; Covenant of Grace, Results ot); of Man (see also Law, God's); II-39-43 , 45-46 (il., II-39-43 , 46 ; hypocritical (see Hypocrisy); motivated by love, II-350-352 , 367 , 379-380 (il., II-351-380 ); of those in authority, II-463-477 (il., II-463-469 , 470 , 473 ); when authority makes unfair decisions, II-468 (il., II-468-469 ); when authority's demands breaks God's law, II-467 (il., II-467-468 ).
Occult (see Spiritualism).
Offer of the Gospel (see Gospel -Offer of, Rejection ot).
Officebearers, believers, II-45 ; church (see Church Offices).
Offices of Christ (see Christ, Jesus -Offices ot).
Omnipresence of God, I-28-30 .
Ontological Evidence of God, I-15 .
Original Sin (see Sin, Original; and Depravity, Total).

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