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Topic, Volume, Page Number; (il.) indicates illustration/story/example

Man, creation of, I-247-249 ; created to love God by free choice, I-265 , 268 , 284-286 (il., I-264 , 285 ); dichotomy -soul and body, I-257-262 (see also Soul, Man's; and Body, Man's); specialness of, I-247-249 (il., I-248 ) (see also Image of God in Man).
Marriage, III-46-48 , 65 (see also Divorce); partner, III-58-63 (il., III-60-63 ).
Mary, Adoration of, II-67-68 .
Maions, Free, errors of, (il., II-419 ).
Matthew 18 Principle, III-227 , 299 .
Means of Grace (see also Gospel and Bible), II-172-173 , 182 , III-346-348 (il., II-184-185 , III-346-347 ); over- or under-emphasis of, II-227-228 ; Word and sacrament, III-354-355 (see also Bible, Sacraments, Baptism, and Lord's Supper).
Mediators (see also Christ, Jesus -Mediator); insufficiency of men and angels, I-395-399 (il., I-396-399 ); types of, I-393 ).
Mercy of God (see Grace of God).
Merit, Human (see Works, Good).
Millennium, III-526-537 ; various views, III-527 , amillennial, III-536 , explanation of Revelation 20, III-537 ; postmillennial, III-533-536 , biblical difficulties with, III-534-536 , premillennial, III-527-533 , biblical difficulties with, III-529-533 .
Messiah (see Names of Christ).

Minuscule, I-76 .
Miracles, I-226-227 .
Miserliness, III-120 (il., III-120 , 121 ,).
Misery (see also Misery, Deliverance, and Thankfulness cycle; Depravity, Total); I-309-311 (il., I-309-311 ).
Misery, Deliverance, and Thankfulness Cycle, I-131-133 , 361-362 , II-185-186 , 197 , 345-350 , III-257-258 , 476-478 (il., I-131 , II-22-23 , 186-187 , 219 , III-477-478 ); scriptural examples of, I-362 ).
Mohammendanism, I-97-98 , 100 , Five Pillars of Islam, I-98 .
Money, III-120 (il., III-120-121 ).
Mormons, I-62 ; Book of, I-62 .
Murder, III-11-12 (see also Abortion; Euthanasia; Reck lessness; Self-defence; War; Capital Punishment); emotional, II-43 (see also Anger); spiritual, III-44 (il., III-44 ); with words, II-43 (see also Slander).
Music, Christian, III-134-137 (il., III-136-137 ); rock, III-134-137 (il., III-136-137 ).
Mutation and Natural Selection Refuted, I-178-180 (il., I-179 ).

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