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Topic, Volume, Page Number; (il.) indicates illustration/story/example

Ice Ages, I-184 .
Idleness, II-476 , III-94 , 99-100 (il., III-99-100 ).
Idolatry, II-391-409 (il., II-391-396 , 401-404 , 407-408 ).
Image of God in Man, I-249 ; definition of, I-249 (il., I-249 ); fall's effect upon us, I-255 , 257 (i1., I-256 ); resembling, not express image, I-250 (i1., I-251 ); restricted sense, I-250, 254 ; wider sense, I-251-254 (i1., I-253 ).
Immersion (see Baptism, Mode of)
Immortality (see Eternity; Heaven; Hell).
Immutability of God - I-28 , 30 .
Imputation (see Sin, Original).
Inability to do Spiritual Good (see Depravity, Total).

Incarnation (see Christ, Jesus -States of, Humble Birth).
Independence of God, I-28 , 30 .
Indexes, III-608-627 .
Infant Baptism (see Baptism, Proper Subjects for, Infant).
Intermediate State (see also Heaven, Pre-resurrection; and Hell, Pre-resurrection), III-505-517 ; irreversible, III-514-516 ; purgatory, Limbus Patrum, and Limbus Infantum teachings refuted, III-509 511; soul sleep refuted, III-506-508 .
Introduction, I-7 , II-7 , III-7 .
Islam (see Mohammedanism).

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