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Topic, Volume, Page Number; (il.) indicates illustration/story/example

Baptism, (see also Covenant of Grace and Church) III-373-439 (il., III-374 , 407 , 411 , 428-430 ); by John the Baptism, III-388-392 ; buried in baptism, III-395-398 ; form for adminiastration, III-431-436 ; meaning of baptism twofold: inward and outward, (see also Covenant of Grace) III-402 , 419-422 , 435 , 438-439 ; inward, III-373-374 , 430-431 ; outward, III-427-430 (il., III-428-430 ); overvaluing, III-422,426 ; undervaluing, III-426-427 ; of Christ, III-384-386 ; proper mode of: immersion only refuted, III-378-399 ; immersing, pouring, or sprinkling established, III-376-399 ; other "baptisms" or cleansings, II-398-399 ; sprinkling examples of cleansing, III-393-395 ;proper subjects for: confessing believers only refuted, III-399-418 , 425-426 ; confessing believers and their children established, III-399-418 (iI., III-407 , 411 ; adult baptism, III-435-438 ; infant baptism, III-399-418 ; replaces circumcision, III-404-406 ; requirements of, III-375.
Baptismal regeneration, error of (see Regeneration).
Baptist View, sacraments, III-360 (See also Baptism: proper mode of, and proper subjects for).
Belgic Confession of Faith, III-255-256 , 258 .
Believers, II-122 , 300-301 ; relationship to God's grace, II-122 ; sonship of, II-300 (see also Adoption, spiritual).
Benediction, III-283-285 (iI., III-285 ).
Bible, the, I-51-97 ; authority of, I-95 ; books of (see Canonical books); clearness of, I-95 ; completion of, I-60-63 , 73-76 ; definition of, I-57 ; evidences that the Bible is the Word of God, I-85-94 ; historical exactness of, I-90-91 (il., I-91 ); honesty of writers, I-89 (iI., I-89 ); indestructibility of, I-85-86 (il., I-86 ); inexhaustibility of, I-88 (il., I-88 ); infallibility, I-84-94 (il., I-84-94 ); inspiration of, I-57-59 (il., I-59 ); mechanical, dynamical and organic, I-58 ; thought, partial and verbal-plenary, I-59 ; law and gospel, III-355 (see Law, Moral, and Gospel); manuscripts -Sinaitic, Alexandrian, Vatican - I-74-76 ; necessity of, I-95 ; order and completeness of, I-85 (il., I-85 ); original languages, I-60 ; power of, I-87-88 (il., I-87-88 ); prophetical accuracy of, I-92-93 (iI., I-93 ); qualities of, I-95-97 (iI., I-95 ); reading, studying of (il., I-96-97 ); Roman Catholic vs. Protestant views, I-96 ; rule for belief and practice, I-62-63 , II-197 , 334 , 364 , 367 (il., I-62-63 , II-334 ); saving application of, I-94 (see also Grace, Saving); scientific knowledge of, I-91-92 (iI., I-92 ); self-abasing teachings of, I-89-90 (iI., I-90 ); sufficiency of, I-95 ; testaments, Old and New, I-60-61 ; translations of (see Translations of the Bible); universality of, I-86-87 (il., I-87 ); value of, I-52-53 (iI., I-52-53, 57 ).
Bible Doctrine (see Doctrine, Biblical).
Biogenesis, Law of, I-173 .
Body, man's, natural on earth, I-257-261 ; resurrected in heaven, II-90-92 , III-556-563 (iI., 558-560 , 563 ); value of and care for, I-259-261 (iI., 259-260 ).
Born again (see Regeneration).
Buddhism, I-99-100 .
Burial, Christian, III-561-562 ; cremation refuted, III-561-562 .

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