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4. Each person is to be devoted to, but not enslaved by, his work. Our work calling is very important, but not as important as our calling to maintain the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health of ourselves and our families.

Work callings or careers are not only those in which one is employed outside of the home. There is no career which influences the life of another person more than that of a mother. Therefore, unless exceptional circumstances necessitate it, financial benefits may not outweigh parental benefits when a mother is considering a second career, one in addition to that of homemaking.

The previous principles are important when considering various career possibilities. The following chart reflects six practical guidance pointers to consider when attempting to select a career.



Pray for God's leading


Examine God's Word and consider providence for guidance


Investigate the careers that fit best with your God-given talents, abilities, and interests


Determine which career is the one in which you could best serve:

  • To the honor of God
  • For the welfare of others
  • To supply your personal and family needs - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically
  • 5.

    Seek good advice from older, more experienced persons - parents, relatives, friends, professionals


    Make your decision and apply yourself to it with diligence

    Scripture teaches several practical guidelines for employer-employee relations, as revealed in the chart on the following page.

    Why is all of life, including one's work, religious?


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