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Page 226

How does the key of preaching primarily emphasize inclusion or exclusion from the Church Invisible, while the key of discipline emphasizes the Church Visible?

Is love ever called upon to perform painful and difficult tasks? Provide various examples.

    A portion of the building in which Mr. Parker and Mr. Stuart are employed was closed due to dangerous chemicals being in the air after an accident in one of the building's laboratories.

    What would you think of Mr. Parker if he saw his fellow employee, Mr. Stuart, heading into the "danger area" but refused to warn him; if he thought, "I'll keep quiet. That's Mr. Stuart's business if he wants to go there"?

    How are we to view church members who witness a fellow member heading in a sinful and spiritually-dangerous direction and refuse to say anything to him? Is church discipline only a matter for church consistories? Why not?

    Gangrene had thoroughly infected Mrs. Fawyer's left foot. With care and concern she nursed her foot and prayerfully used all medicines and treatments available to seek its cure. However, the infection only became worse. Eventually she arrived at the need to make a difficult and painful decision - her foot had to be amputated to preserve the health of the rest of her body. From concern for her bodily health, she made the decision to have her diseased foot cut away.

    What parallels can you see between Mrs. Fawyer's actions regarding the seriously diseased member of her natural body and the church's actions regarding the seriously diseased member in Christ's body?


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