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Page 89

    The English people anxiously awaited news of the historic battle between their general, Wellington, and the enemy, Napoleon. Finally, word arrived.

    On top of Winchester Cathedral, the semaphore began to spell out the message for the crowds below: "W-e-l-l-i-n-g-t-o-n - d-e-f-e-a-t-e-d" just as dense fog settled over the cathedral and land. The semaphore could no longer be seen. This discouraging, heartbreaking news spread rapidly throughout the land: "Wellington defeated!"

    But, after time, the fog lifted and again the semaphore on top of the cathedral became visible, and now the completed message could be seen: "W-e-l-l-i-n-g-t-o-n - d-e-f-e-a-t-e-d - t-h-e - e-n-e-m-y!"

    Great joy followed deep despair. England rejoiced. The message of defeat was changed into one of victory.

    During Jesus' final sufferings, death, and burial, the Church read a partial message - "Jesus defeated" - and a dark, depressing fog settled over the Church.

    But on the dawning of Sunday morning, when Christ arose from the dead, the full message became visible. Now the Church could clearly read "Jesus defeated the enemy!" What happiness, rejoicing, and thankfulness filled the Church, and still fills it today!

    Is the victory of Easter, of Sunday, your deepest source of joy? Is sin your greatest enemy, and Christ your treasured Savior?

  • Semaphore - A signing apparatus which was used for displaying public messages by moving lights or mechanical arms to spell words

  • Can only reading a partial, discouraging message for a time also take place in a true Christian's experience? Can you relate any biblical examples of this?

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