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Page 177

    After being with them for some time, Miss Reside, the first woman mission worker to the Kiowa Indians of Oklahoma, was named "Aim-day-co" by them.

    When some visitors asked the chief why they named Miss Reside "Aim-day-co," he replied, "When we Kiowas see someone heading in the wrong direction, we call out 'Aim-day-co!' She came to us to tell us 'Aim-day-co;' that we were all heading in the wrong direction; that we need to be turned around."

    How did Miss Reside's new name bear witness of her faithful testimony of the necessity of personal conversion?

Conversion consists of two parts:

    1. Repentance
    2. Faith

Conversion is the Holy Spirit's turning of a person from sin to God. Repentance is turning away from sin; faith is turning toward God. The two are the negative and positive aspects of the same turning; they both result in a loving, godly obedience. This truth is illustrated in the diagram below.

How is conversion related to the personal experience of misery, deliverance, and thankfulness?

Viewing the chart on this page, why is balance in teaching and explanation necessary between repentance and faith? What occurs when either of these are over, or under- emphasized?

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