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How do these two examples help illustrate in two different manners the truth that the Bible's indestructibility testifies of its divine authorship?

  • Contrasting - Differing
  • Sundry - Several; various; many
  • death in many different ways for possessing a Bible or confessing to believe in its truths. Yet, the Bible has survived and has continually spread its influence over the world. Historically, the Bible has always been the most widely read book. Since the day of the printing press, it has consistently been the best-selling book in the world. Never has there been a book so hated and so loved in the entire history of mankind. Why? Because the Bible is the Word of God.

      A hotel owner in Western Canada became very angry when he found that someone had placed Bibles in all his hotel rooms. He gathered all the Bibles and threw them on a garbage heap for later burning.

      A poor girl, who often visited the spot looking for thrown-away food, saw the large heap of Bibles and took some copies home with her.

      She soon began to read God's Word, and God blessed its truths to her heart. The seed fell upon prepared ground and brought forth fruits of love to God and others.

      Her life was changed and she spoke to others about the truths of God found in the Bible. Her words had impact upon others, for they saw how the Bible had changed her life.

      The hotel owner had thought to destroy God's Word but he was actually a means of spreading it. Can you think of examples from the Bible and church history which illustrate the same truth?

      In Armenia, an entire village of sixty families became Mohammedans. They did so under the threats of torture and death from well-armed Mohammedan soldiers.

      One woman, more than one hundred years of age, refused. Holding her Bible to her heart, she confessed, "I am too old to deny my Lord!"

      The fierce Mohammedans snatched the Bible from her, but she calmly replied, "You can tear of the Bible out of my hands, but you can never tear it out of my heart."

      Can you relate other examples which illustrate the Bible's inward indestructibility?

    3. The Bible's ability to speak to all types of people - The Bible has spoken to people from different cultures, contrasting backgrounds, various occupations, sundry ages, and from

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