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Page 414

God's salvation is frequently defined as "delivering a person from the greatest evil and making him a partaker of the greatest good." What does this mean?

If Jesus only earned the possibility of salvation for, but never almightily applied salvation to, lost sinners; why would no person ever be saved?

What rich truth and comfort is missed by those who deny both the totalness of salvation by grace and the name "Jesus"?

    Three people bore the name "Jehoshua" (Joshua) or "Hoshea" (Hosea) in the Old Testament. Each is a type of Jesus - one as Prophet, the second as Priest, and the third as King.

    1. Hosea the son of Beeri - the prophet (Hosea 1:1)

    2. Joshua the son of Josedech - the high priest (Zechariah 6:11)

    3. Joshua the son of Nun - the king or commander of the people (Joshua 1:1)

    How is the name "Jehovah saves" a fitting and significant name for a prophet, priest, and king?

    Why is it a most fitting name for the Lord Jesus Christ?

The Mediator was named "Jesus" because He would "save His people from their sins." Jesus is a complete Savior - He saves His people. As "Jesus," the Mediator not only earned salvation for, but He also applies salvation to, the hearts of His children.

If Jesus had only earned the right and offered salvation to His church, each person would have rejected it. As totally-depraved sinners, they would have freely chosen, with all men, for self, sin, world, and Satan. They, too, would have chosen to continue serving self instead of turning to God.

But blessed be God! Jesus is a complete Savior. He not only merits, but also applies, salvation. Through His Spirit, He plants new spiritual life in the hearts of His children and makes them willing to turn to God in a way of repentance, faith, and obedience. The Savior is named "Jesus" because "He shall save His people from their sins! " What a richly gracious Savior is Jesus! Is He your Savior? If so, then He also is your Lord. Your deepest desire will be to know, love, and serve Him increasingly. Is this your heart's desire? He must become your Savior, shall it be well with you.

    Some years ago, a Russian nobleman was traveling by sleigh in the Russian interior. Late in the afternoon he stopped at an inn and asked for a fresh team of horses to carry him several miles further to the next station, where he intended to spend the night. The innkeeper begged the nobleman not to do it, for the wolves would be out before he arrived at his destination. The man, however, was determined that he could make it, and drove off with his wife, little daughter, and personal servant.

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