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Page 355

Inward Covenant Relationship
(Baptism applied Inwardly)

An inward relationship to the essence of the Covenant of Grace by regeneration includes:

Inward Covenant Relationship
(Baptism applied Outwardly)

An outward relationship to the Covenant of Grace by baptism includes:

Membership in the Church Invisible

Membership in the Church Visible

Being placed in an inward, spiritual, and saving separation from the world internally, blessings of being spiritually born again as God's child.

Outward blessings of separation from the world, bearing God's mark of separation

Unbreakable, eternal relationship to the essence of the Covenant of Grace

Being placed in a breakable, temporal relationship to the Covenant of Grace

Coming under God's inward call: the regenerating and converting work of the Holy Spirit

Coming under God's outward call: His Word, the invitation of the gospel, and the teachings, prayers, and warnings of the church, which God blesses to work salvation in the lives of many.

These are the greatest blessings: securing salvation and restoration into eternal fellowship with God

These are great blessings, but not sufficient for salvation

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