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Page 330

Have you seriously thought about the wonderful love and grace that God shows when He saves a sinner? God the Father was willing to plan a way of salvation for elected sinners; Jesus was willing to die to earn eternal life for His church; and God the Holy Spirit was willing to work salvation in the hearts of His chosen! God provided complete deliverance for sinners who did not love Him, but were His enemies! Have you experienced something of the richness and wonderfulness of God's grace? Do you need God and His free grace in your life?

A young boy, one from a very poor family of seven children, met with an accident and was taken to the hospital. After he was made as comfortable as possible, a nurse brought him a large glass of milk. At home, half a glass of milk had to be shared between three or four children. Glancing at the others in his hospital room, the hungry and thirsty boy asked the nurse, "How deep may I drink?"

The nurse, with tears filling her eyes, and a lump gathering in her throat, kindly replied, "You may drink it all, dear! "

To poor sinners, hungering and thirsting after God's favor and communion, why are the truths of God's Covenant of Grace overwhelming? To "drink deeply" of these truths seems too good to be true. Why?

When referring to God's salvation of a sinner, what is meant by the expressions that salvation is:

- Thought by God the Father? - Bought by God the Son?

- Wrought by God the Holy Spirit?

How would these three truths relate to the Covenant of Grace!

Why is the wonder of received grace more amazing to a convinced sinner than the rich care was to this poor boy? Why are the truths of the Covenant of Grace overwhelming to needy sinners?

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