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Page 258

How is the miracle of regeneration a divine act of re-creation?

    An evolutionist lecturer once spoke very scornfully and mockingly about God's being able to take "a piece of mud in His hand, and by breathing on it, to change it into a living man."

    A child of God in the audience received an opportunity to reply to the speaker. He said, "I will not argue with you about God's being able to create man from dust many years ago, but I will tell you this: God stooped down in this city and picked up the dirtiest, most worthless bit of mud in it. He breathed upon it with His Spirit and it received new life. God's breath changed a wicked wretch into a man who hates his former sins and loves the God who saved him. I was that piece of mud."

    Why do both man's physical creation and spiritual re-creation require God's almighty power?

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