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Page 181

    Mr. Wens addressed his eleventh grade Biology class, giving the following "proof" for the age of the universe: "Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles or 300,000 kilometres per second. According to our best calculations, at this rate of speed it would take more than a million years for the light of some distant galaxies to reach the earth. Because their light has reached our earth, we know that the age of the universe is greater than a million years."

    Mrs. Tyler also speaks to her eleventh grade Biology class about the age of the universe, and states: "God created all things in mature forms. Adam was not created as an infant, but as an adult. The trees were not brought into existence as seeds, but as mature plants bearing fruit. Birds were not formed as eggs, but as fully developed creatures. The stars were created completely fulfilling their purpose - their light was instantly directed by God to all parts of the universe. Through these examples and countless others, we can observe that God created a mature, fully-functioning universe-one which had the appearance of age."

    What assumptions were each of these Biology teachers making? Could either of these assumptions be scientifically proven to be true or false? Why or why not?

Why are great universe ages of millions or billions of years crucial to the evolutionary theory?

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