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Page 167

    Imagine three warriors from a secluded highland tribe deep in the mountainous highlands of Irian Jaya, suddenly stumbling upon an electric typewriter which had previously fallen from an airplane passing overhead. These natives have never seen a white person nor ever been exposed to any modern invention. The only tools they had were made of roughly-cut wood or stone.

    They carry the strange object they found to their tribe and a special meeting of the village wisemen is called to examine this "new find." The entire tribe wants to know where this object came from and how it was formed.

    After several days of meetings and hours of debate, the wisemen could not agree on all points of view, but they did adopt these principles of common explanation:

    1. This object originally came from stone, for its body was stone-like all over. It probably was hollowed out through rough water action - for what else could hollow out a rock is such a dramatic way?

    2. The equal size "pebbles" set in perfect rows within the hollow stone must have been washed and set into position by the stream in which it was originally sitting. How each pebble could be exactly the same size and be placed in perfect rows remains a remarkable mystery.

    3. The softer, round thing trapped inside the hollow stone above the pebbles was a section of vine which was stuck in the rock so tightly that it could not be pulled out.

    Of greatest difficulty to explain, however, is how this hollowed rock with its stuck pebbles and vine could be found nearly a mile from, and hundreds of feet above, the nearest stream. This problem was finally resolved by the discovery of a cord-like vine sticking out of the side of the rock. From the pronged shape of the end, one could safely determine that it had been ripped. Since no one from the village had seen this stone before, it must have been dragged uphill by some animal that had stepped into the stream and snagged its foot in this vine. The animal had climbed as high as their village before the vine broke, leaving the rock where the natives found it.

    The wisdom of the village wisemen to explain the origin and formation of this recent find was deeply admired by the villagers, who listened in awe and reverence to this explanation!

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