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    2. Only Christianity presents man's sin as totally abominable and man as a totally lost sinner who cannot earn or merit his own salvation.

    3. Only Christianity proclaims a perfect and complete salvation by God's free grace through a perfect substitute, the God-man, Jesus Christ.

    4. Only Christianity presents a perfect God; one who is infinitely transcendent and perfect in all His attributes and yet who is most personal and approachable through Jesus Christ.

These four points of truth also apply to false teachings within Christianity. When errors occur within Christianity, they generally involve:

    1. Departing from the truths of God's Word.

    2. Giving some credit to man, enabling him to earn a part of his salvation through his works or faith.

    3. Denying that salvation is entirely based on God's grace and that Jesus accomplishes everything in the salvation of a sinner, as a full and complete Savior.

    4. Lowering God and His perfections to some degree.

The following two examples help illustrate how false opinions enter all religions, even Christian teachings:

    Materially, Howard Hughes was one of the richest men that ever lived. He died a billionaire. After his death, numerous properly registered and documented wills of Howard Hughes appeared. Obviously only one was true and the others were counterfeit.

  • Abominable - Terrible; loathsome; detestable; awful

  • Why are Points 2 and 3 inseparably connected?

  • Grace - A one-sided love to persons totally undeserving of it

  • Transcendent - Far above and beyond all human abilities and powers of natural creation

  • Re-examine the false religions listed on the previous pages. Do all of them miss these four marks of true, biblical religion? Which is closer than the others to some of these marks? Why?

    How do each of these four points relate to the previous four?

  • Counterfeit - The quality of not being genuine but having a true or real appearance in order to deceive others

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