Evening Reading for January 17

John 1:35-42
Suggested further reading: Mark 5:18-20

No sooner does Andrew become a disciple than he tells his brother Simon what a discovery he has made. Like one who has unexpectedly heard good tidings, he hastens to impart it to the one nearest and dearest to him. And to Andrew's outspoken testimony, under God, the great apostle Peter owed the first beginning of light in his soul.

The fact before us is most striking and instructive. Out of the three first members of the Christian church, one at least was brought to Jesus by the private, quiet word of a relative. He seems to have heard no public preaching. He saw no mighty miracle wrought. He was not convinced by any powerful reasoning. He only heard his brother telling him that he had found a Saviour himself and at once the work began in his soul. The simple testimony of a warm-hearted brother was the first link in the chain by which Peter was drawn out of the world and joined to Christ. The first blow in that mighty work by which Peter was made a pillar of the church was struck by Andrew's words: `We have found the Christ.'

Well would it be for the church of Christ, if all believers were more like Andrew! Well would it be for souls, if all men and women who have been converted themselves would speak to their friends and relatives on spiritual subjects and tell them what they have found! How much good might be done! How many might be led to Jesus who now live and die in unbelief! The work of testifying to the gospel of the grace of God ought not to be left to ministers alone. All who have received mercy ought to find a tongue and to declare what God has done for their souls. Thousands, humanly speaking, would listen to a word from a friend who will not listen to a sermon. Every believer ought to be a home missionary, a missionary to his family, children, servants, neighbours and friends.

For meditation: Has every member of your family heard the gospel at least once from you? If you do not evangelize them, who will?

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