Evening Reading for July 21

John 14:1-6
Suggested further reading: Titus 2:11-14

We have in this passage a solid ground for expecting good things to come. The evil heart of unbelief within us is apt to rob us of our comfort about heaven. `We wish we could think it was all true.' `We fear we shall never be admitted into heaven.' Let us hear what Jesus says to encourage us.

One cheering word is this: `I go to prepare a place for you.' Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people: a place which we shall find Christ himself has made ready for true Christians. He has prepared it by procuring a right for every sinner who believes to enter in. None can stop us and say we have no business there. He has prepared it by going before us as our Head and Representative and taking possession of it for all the members of his mystical body. As our Forerunner he has marched in, leading captivity captive, and has planted his banner in the land of glory. He has prepared it by carrying our names with him as our High Priest into the holy of holies and making angels ready to receive us. They that enter heaven will find they are neither unknown nor unexpected.

Another cheering word is this: `I will come again and receive you unto myself.' Christ will not wait for believers to come up to him, but will come down to them, to raise them from their graves and escort them to their heavenly home. As Joseph came to meet Jacob, so will Jesus come to call his people together and guide them to their inheritance. The second advent ought never to be forgotten. Great is the blessedness of looking back to Christ coming the first time to suffer for us, but no less great is the comfort of looking forward to Christ coming the second time, to raise and reward his saints.

For meditation: Do you love Christ's appearing? (2 Tim. 4:8).

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