Peculiar to St. Matthew
The tares
The hidden treasure
The pearl of great price
The drag net
The merciful servant
Laborers in the vineyard
The father and two sons
The marriage of the king’s son
The ten virgins
The talents
The sheep and goats
Peculiar to St. Mark
Growth of seed
The household watching
Peculiar to St. Luke
The two debtors
The good Samaritan
The friend at midnight
The rich fool
The servants watching
The steward on trial
The barren fig tree
The great supper
The tower and the warring king
The lost piece of money
The prodigal son
The unjust steward
The rich man and Lazarus
The master and servant
The importunate widow
The Pharisee and the publican
The pounds
Peculiar to St. John
The bread of life
The shepherd and the sheep
The vine and the branches
Common to Matthew and Luke
House built on rock and on sand
The leaven
The lost sheep
Common to Matthew, Mark and Luke
The candle under a bushel
The new cloth on old garment
New wine and old bottles
The sower
The mustard seed
The vine yard and husbandmen
Young leaves of the fig tree